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Image Donation Date Appreciation Name Amount Status
13-Aug-2018 JASPREET15000Completed
07-Aug-2018 RAJESH AND IQBAL15326Completed
25-Sep-2018 RAJESH AND IQBAL23136Completed
28-Aug-2018 LAKHVIR KHELA10000Completed
20-Nov-2018 BALWINDER SINGH11000Completed
05-Jun-2018 RAMJI DASS500Completed
04-Feb-2015 RAJESH AND IQBAL85000Completed
03-Aug-2018 RAMMI6749Completed
21-Sep-2018 RAMMI16000Completed
28-Sep-2018 RAJESH AND IQBAL16199Completed
27-May-2018 BALDEV SINGH25000Completed
15-Jun-2018 HARBHAJAN SINGH5000Completed
30-May-2018 RAJESH AND IQBAL10690Completed
05-Jun-2018 BALWINDER SINGH5000Completed
03-Jun-2019 HARMESH SINGH50000Completed
21-Nov-2018 RAJESH AND IQBAL5000Completed

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